First Drop Mere-et-fils Chardonnay 2010

Posted: February 12, 2012 in Australia
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First Drop Mere-et-fils Chardonnay 2010

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Variety: Chardonnay

Region: Adelaide Hills, Australia  

          Overview: At the same time as paying a homage to the Chardonnay regions of France (Chablis and Burgundy) it also sticks it’s middle finger up at then and blows raspberries at them. Its label takes inspiration from the understated France labelling system but adds all those confusing terms that the French love to use. For instance in place of the term appellation controllée (which means the wine comes from a controlled region that is known for producing a certain variety eg, a Chardonnay from Chablis would be able to use the term appellation controllée) the clever fellows at First Drop have used the term appellation non controllé (which means the wine comes from a non controlled area for the variety). Unlike France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Germany, all major countries that have been making wine for far longer than Australia, Australia has no policing of what is produced where, this means that a region that is not known for producing Chardonnay eg. McLaren Vale, can still produce a Chardonnay and sell it as a ‘Premium’ wine. Whereas in France if a region like Rhone Valley produced a Chardonnay they would only be able to release it under the quality status of vin de pays, a table wine of a region that does not normally grow this variety. The back label of this wine is spliced with French and English terms that only people with intimate knowledge of the industry would find humorous.

            Tasting Notes: The colour is what initially impressed me with its vibrant, pale lemon. Yes I am aware that it sounds strange to be getting so excited over a wine’s colour but the colour of the wine can tell you a lot about the wine itself. On the nose the vanillin oak and brioche characters dominate, these characters follow onto the palate and are joined with flavours of peach, minerality, a lovely toastiness, citrus and a balanced acid.

Final Say: This wine is an elegant style of Chardonnay, not over oaked and the fruit balance is perfect. I’ve been told by the supplier that only a small amount of this wine was made and after looking around I only found it at one website for $25 a bottle, I got mine for $18.99 a bottle but most sellers have sold out of it by now so if you have it in your cellar as I do then you are one lucky sucker.

Score: 17.5 Freakin’ awesome (88 out of 100).

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