Prunotto Dolcetto DOC 2009

Posted: February 21, 2012 in Italy
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Prunotto Dolcetto D’Alba DOC

Vintage: 2009

Country: Italy

Region: Alba, Piemonte



            In Australia our main interaction with the variety Dolcetto would be the Brown Brother’s wine Dolcetto & Syrah which, if you were looking for a nice thing to say about the wine you could say it was Australia’s take on Valpolicella, a light, sweet style of wine that you can chill made in Italy. That’s if you wanted something nice to say, the truth is it is not a serious wine and thus Dolcetto has a stigma attached that it is light and sweet. I can tell you that it a good Dolcetto is not a light, insipid wine. Dolcetto typically is a medium bodied wine with a soft edge but displays great spice and liquorice characters. It is not widely grown in Australia as it is susceptible to fungus diseases and the Australian humidity promotes fungus like Channel Ten promotes Glee.

The Prunotto Dolcetto displays these typical characteristics at an accessible price.

Tasting note:

            A beautiful ruby colour, (as mentioned before the colour of a wine tells us a lot about it, if the colour was dull or brown we could assume the wine has been oxidised) on the nose there are characters of pepper and blueberry. The palate is medium bodied, with intermingling flavours of cinnamon, pepper, aniseed and cherry with a great acid that keeps the palate cleansed.


Final Say:

            This is one of the better Dolcetto I have tasted, the key when buying a Dolcetto is that it comes from the Piemonte region in Italy, one of my favourite regions. The price ranges from $20-$24 so if you’re looking for something different this is definitely one to pick up. Enjoy with lighter red meat meals or game.

Score: 16.5 Well worth a try (83 out of 100).

All of the information above has come from my own brain and books; Wikipedia was not, at any stage consulted.

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