Mt Difficulty Roaring Meg Pinot Noir 2010

Posted: May 23, 2012 in New Zealand
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Mt Difficulty Roaring Meg Pinot Noir

Vintage: 2010

Country: New Zealand

Region: Central Otago


Overview: Welcome to volume 2 of the chronicles of Freddie Mercury the stinky, grumpy bunny. For volume 1 visit: As mentioned in my last Pinot Noir review some people struggle with Pinot Noir when they hear descriptors like game and forest floor. Truth is that Pinot Noir is one of the most versatile grape varieties; it can make a light, savoury, complex wine or a fuller, brooding style. It also one of the main varieties used for making sparkling wines and can make a great rosé.

It is also, I believe, the most romantic variety. Yeah, yeah, I can hear you groan and say ‘what a wanker’ but when you say the word Burgundy to even a wine novice they know of its greatness in the kingdom of wine. At least I hope that is the case, perhaps the reason their eyes light up is because they believe Burgundy is not the most famous wine made from Pinot Noir but the birth place of Jim Beam and Cola.

Taking cues from Burgundy, Central Otago have been making some highly commendable Pinot Noir in recent years and Mt Difficulty has been one of my favourite producers from the region.

Tasting note: Red fruit, game (aka smelly, grumpy bunny) and forest floor on the nose. A peppery palate supported by cherry characters, red fruit, game and finishes with a racy acid. Soft, silky tannins add to a velvety mouth-feel.


Final Say: Freddie Mercury the transgender bunny (she was bought as a he but turns out she’s a she) says buy this wine. It sells for around $30 a bottle. It’s a little bit lighter than the Estate Pinot Noir but great value.


Score: 18.5 out of 20 (93 out of 100)


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Jack Davis

Spitting: Optional

  1. Duckybutface says:

    Jack ol’ buddy ol’ pal… how about the real Mt Difficulty Mt Difficulty? (not Roaring Meg) Are you gonna review that little beauty?

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