Yalumba FDW [7c] Chardonnay 2008

Posted: June 20, 2012 in Australia
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Yalumba FDW [7c] Chardonnay 2008

Vintage: 2008

Style: Dry white

Country: Australia

Region: Adelaide Hills


Overview: Some brands suffer from the opinion that they are ‘too commercial’, brands like Rosemount, Jacob’s Creek, Penfolds, Wolf Blass and Yalumba just to name a few. These brands may have a larger, commercial presence but they have all originated from humble beginnings and while ranges like Rosemount Diamond Label, Jacob’s Creek Regional Collection, Wolf Blass Red & Yellow Label, Penfolds Koonunga Hill and Yalumba Y Series seem to dominate bottleshop shelves it is easy to forget that these brands also produce some of the best ‘premium’ Australian wines in Australia as well. Case in point, Rosemount Show Reserve, Jacob’s Creek Steingarten, St Hugo and Johann, Wolf Blass Grey Label, Penfolds Bin Series and Grange and Yalumba have the FDW [7c] and a range of other wines e.g. the Octavius that keep them in favour with those who drink these wines.

Back in the early days of Australian wine production Chardonnay was often labelled as ‘Dry White’, the FDW stands for Fine Dry White, paying homage to those days. The 7c is Yalumba’s coding for the batch of Chardonnay used to make this fine wine.


Tasting note: A flinty nose, steely with a hint of struck match (struck match is a character that comes from complex sulphides; we’ll delve into that another day). The palate is of rich stonefruit, white nectarine almost bordering on peach. The oak is subtle and well integrated, neither overpowering nor lost in the fruit.

Final Say: A great wine to rekindle your love with a brand you may believe is ‘too commercial’. It sells for between $22-$27 and would love to compliment a cream based chicken dish.

Score: 17.5 out of 20 (88 out of 100) Freakin’ Awesome


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Jack Davis

  1. I have to admit it is a little difficult getting over the fact that this comes from one of the ‘too commercial’ brands, but I guess it’s worth a try.

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