Yalumba ‘Y’ Series Vermentino 2011

Posted: September 12, 2012 in Australia
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Spitting: Optional

Yalumba ‘Y’ Series Vermentino 2011

Vintage: 2011

Style: Dry White

Country: Australia 

Region: South Australia 


Welcome to part 2 of the odyssey into grape varieties starting with ‘V’. I’m sure part 1(http://spittingoptional.com/2012/07/17/martinsancho-verdejo-2010/) had your head swimming with plot twists and elaborate storytelling.

There are only around 50 Australian wineries that grow and produce Vermentino making it relatively unknown in Australia. It’s an Italian variety that can sometimes be a little bland. I haven’t tried too many Australian examples of this wine (Brown Brothers, Serafino and Fox Creek to name a few) and this wine, the Yalumba ‘Y’ Series Vermentino, is probably the best example I’ve seen of Australian’s handling this grape, and guess what? It’s the cheapest as well. I was actually taken aback by how good this wine is and how little it cost.

It has the elegance and varietal character of a wine three times its price. Sadly, the price point may mean that it is overlooked by many serious wine drinkers but trust me on this, flip yourself the ‘V’ tonight and give this wine ago. You won’t even notice the money is missing and there’s a fair chance you’ll buy some more.


Tasting note: An herbaceous nose with hints of stone fruit. A fresh, lively palate. Rich with nuances of stone fruit, jasmine flowers and talc. It finishes with a salty, briny acid. Begs to be enjoyed with seafood.


Final Say: I’ve said it all already all that is left is for you to try it. It sells for $11-$15

Score: 17 out of 20

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Jack Davis

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