Toscar Monastrell 2011

Posted: October 30, 2012 in Spain
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Toscar Monastrell 2011

Vintage: 2011

Style: Medium to full bodied red

Country: Spain 

Region: Alicante 

Overview: The comedian Dylan Moran, once said: “There are two types of wine, essentially, and everybody knows this. There’s the one where you drink it and go, “Mmmm, well that’s ok, can we get 8 of those please? Give us 8 of those.” There’s the other one, you know, where you go “Ga…bt…jesus, WHAT is that?” Very, very occasionally I concede you will hit a subtle one. You know, where you go “Ga…ba…ah, actually that’s not that bad, that is. It’s quite nice.”

This wine did that very thing to me. When I first tasted it I thought it to be bitter and a little astringent. Now, normally in this case I would find another wine to drink but this time I was in the bath and could not be bothered, so I persevered. I found that with time this wine completely changed! At first it freaked me out; I thought my expectations were dropping, that I was getting a little too lenient, that I wasn’t being tough enough on obvious faults! But I actually found that as this wine ‘opened up’ this bitter, green character developed into a lovely, strawberry yoghurt flavour and when left open over night this wine became totally balanced and integrated.

The reason why I wasn’t expecting this was the price of the wine. I was expecting to open this little cheapie and have a nice quaffer but, as the Spaniards have done to me before I was surprised by how complex this wine became with contact to oxygen.

It you do buy this wine I insist you decant it before even tasting it, for at least 2 hours.


Tasting note: Plum and dried herbs on the nose. A plummy palate, smoky spice, fresh strawberry mingling with strawberry yoghurt. Good length, a decent buy for the price.

Final Say: $12-$15 a bottle, a great value wine. Will need decanting or some time in the cellar, maybe 2 to 3 years.


Score: 16 out of 20


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