Chrismont ‘La Zona’ Barbera 2011 Review

Posted: January 30, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Chrismont ‘La Zona’ Barbera 2011

Vintage: 2011

Style: Medium-bodied red

Country: Australia

Region: King Valley, Victoria


Overview: The Italian grape Barbera may be the 3rd most planted variety in Italy but here in Australia it is lesser known and barely grown. In fact most people probably believe that Barbera is an attempt at spicing up the name Barbra, in an exquisitely bogan fashion.  The King Valley is known for its prolific use of Italian varietals which, for me, makes it one of Australia’s more interesting wine regions. Out of the Australian attempts at taming this variety this is definitely the stand out.

Barbera is my grapey wife, I love it. It’s funky and temperamental and there are some shocking wines made from Barbera floating about, due to its propensity to become reductive and a bit smelly (due to hydrogen sulfide) if fermentation is not monitored correctly. Its typical characters are blueberry, pepper and spicy notes and are best in enjoyed with red meat dishes.


Tasting note: A funky nose of sour cherry, white pepper and tobacco. A complex palate of fresh fruit and spice, strawberry, plum, cherry, white pepper and cedar. Finishes delicately with a fine tannin structure.  


Final Say: Enter a brave new world and give this wine a try. $20 a bottle, absolute bargain.

Score: 17 out of 20


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