Robert Oatley ‘Signature’ Chardonnay 2012

Posted: March 20, 2013 in Australia
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Bob oatley

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Robert Oatley ‘Signature’ Chardonnay 2012

Vintage: 2012

Style: Oaked white

Country: Australia

Region: Margaret River, W.A


Overview: The Robert Oatley Signature range of wines take an Appellation style approach and are sourced from renown regions using the variety that that region is famous for. While I could bang on about Appellation laws I will spare you, all you need to know, if you don’t already is that Margaret River= Great Chardonnay.

While this wine is probably a bit young at the moment it does show the hallmarks of a decent Margaret River Chardonnay. It probably needs six more months to sit in the quiet corner and settle down. The light touch of oak will help this wine appeal to Chardonnay lovers and those who are over the old school, oaky, buttery monsters of yesteryear.

 Tasting note: A fresh nose of citrus and melon. The subtle oak on the palate is complemented by white fleshed nectarine and citrus. Simple yet refreshing.

Final Say: Grab it for $20-$25 a bottle. A good everyday Chardonnay that doesn’t take itself too seriously. A crowd pleaser.

 Score: 16 out of 20

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