M. Chapoutier La Ciboise Blanc 2011 Review

Posted: April 17, 2013 in France
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Spitting: Optional

M. Chapoutier La Ciboise Blanc 2011

Vintage: 2011

Style: Un-oaked White

Country: France

Region: Luberon, Rhone Valley


Overview: This white from Luberon in the Rhone Valley is a ménage à trois of Grenache Blanc, Vermentino and Ugni Blanc (also known as Trebbiano). Sounds sexy, huh? Well it is, especially for the price. As with many European wines this wine displays great texture. This texture is often obtained by ‘lees’ contact. Lees is the dead yeast and other particles that drop out of solution from the wine after fermentation. There are two types of lees, Gross Lees (yucky, as the name suggests and is sometimes known and Heavy Lees) and Clean or Fine Lees. Clean or Fine Lees can be used to stir through white wine to give the wine texture and a complex nuttiness. This process is known as Lees Stirring (der) or Sur lie which means ‘on lees’.

So there you have it, not only does yeast excrete in your wine to create alcohol (its far more complex than that but I’ll leave you with that image) but after its dead its corpse can be stirred through it by a sadistic winemaker. Poor yeast.


Tasting note: Elegant aromas of talc, white flowers and almonds. A refined, classy palate including characters of white nectarine, talc and jasmine. Finishes with clean acidity. The texture added via lees stirring makes this a great food wine.


Final Say: $13 bucks a bottle! Need I say more?

Score: 17.5 out of 20

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