Greenstone Vineyard Rosso Di Colbo Sangiovese 2012 Review

Posted: August 28, 2013 in Australia
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Greenstone Vineyard Rosso Di Colbo Sangiovese 2012

Vintage: 2012

Style: Medium bodied red

Country: Australia 

Region: Heathcote, VIC

Overview: Sangiovese, suddenly fashionable? It’s gone from a variety that people could barely say to being on every wine list in most bars and restaurants. Not that this is a complaint, it’s great that Sangiovese is getting out and about, too long its lived in the shadows of the colossi Shiraz and Cabernet (in Australia, abroad it has been mostly respected for its Italian heritage). It could be coincidence but it seems that the increased popularity of Sangiovese coincides with the introduction of more Sangiovese clones to Australia. I find it difficult to explain clones so here’s a quote I prepared earlier. A clone is:  “a population of vines all derived by vegetative propagation from cuttings or buds from a single ‘mother vine.’” (J. Robinson, Oxford Companion to Wine).  In other words cuttings can be taken from a ‘mother vine’ to replicate certain characteristics. For instance if a Sangiovese vine mutates in the vineyard and starts producing thicker skinned grapes that are more resistant to disease you can take cuttings from that vine to propagate and replicate the thick skin to aid in combating disease. Its Viticulturists playing God, creating patchwork grape vines, Frankengrape’s monster if you will, however I’ve never heard of a grape variety clone murdering its creator’s family like poor old Victor…yet. Any-who, these days growers  seem to be playing with more of these new clones that may add more colour or intensity but essentially using it to compliment the old workhouse (and arguably most sort after) Brunello clone.

Tasting note: A lifted, pretty nose of violets and cherry with subtle yet powerful meaty undertones. Typical cherry characters on the palate with some wild, gamey flavours and savoury spice. Despite the meaty and gamey characters the wine finishes fresh and clean. The lingering acidity suggests that this wine might need a couple of years in bottle to reach its full potential.

Final Say: Jump on the bandwagon, grab your latest accessory to set off your handbag and give this wine a crack. Sells for $25-30 a bottle.


Score: 16.5 out of 20

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Jack Davis

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