The Cohorts by Auldstone

Posted: September 11, 2013 in Australia
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The Cohorts by Auldstone


Co-hort (n): A group or band of people.

In the wine industry we sometimes need to pare back the flowery, technical terms we use so that we don’t alienate people are who thinking of getting into wine but find it daunting and confusing. I’m sure sometimes when a beginner listens to a full blown wine wanker speak about wine they’re left thinking: ‘Malolactic what softens who and what did tannin do before the must was what?’ We all know that the best way of learning is by doing. Auldstone in Glenrowan pitch themselves as ‘winemaking without wank’ and have come up with a great way of introducing people who may be interested in wine to fully immerse themselves in the winemaking processes.  They gather a crew of wine interested individuals and pick a small parcel of Shiraz from their top block, they then get the ‘cohorts’ involved in the crushing of these grapes and starting the ferment. It’s a small part of the winemaking process but one of the most integral. This parcel is made into their Cohorts Shiraz and the crew that helps start this latest vintage of this wine also takes home a 6 pack of the current release.

If this is something that sounds like it has your name written on it head on over and like the facebook page:

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