Zonte’s Footstep Doctoressa di Lago Pinot Grigio 2013 Review

Posted: September 18, 2013 in Australia
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Zonte’s Footstep Doctoressa di Lago Pinot Grigio 2013

Vintage: 2013

Style: Dry white

Country: Australia 

Region: Adelaide Hills, SA

Overview: I have mentioned that poor old Pinot Grigio suffers a bit of an identity crisis in Australia so I won’t bang on about it further but I will say that there are some producers that simply nail the Pinot Grigio style. Zonte’s Footstep are one of these producers. Zonte isn’t the Australian version of Bigfoot, tromping around South Australia leaving behind footprints and suspiciously blurry photographs. They’re named after 19th century Zante currant vineyards as their new plantings follow these original Zante footsteps. Currants are out and wine is in. Zany, yet meaningful, names are part of the Zonte’s Footstep’s charm. When introduced to the range one may think: what the hell are they putting in the water tanks where these guys hang out? Doctoressa di Lago means, ladylike Lake Doctor. This is probably about as vague in English as it is in Italian but what it refers to is the breeze that comes off Lake Alexandrina and cools the vineyards in Adelaide Hills, thus revitalising the vines during summer.
This is a crisp, dry, Italian style with hints of texture that will become more apparent as the youthful, primary fruit of this young wine settles down over the next couple of months.

Tasting note: A delicate nose of talc, jasmine and just a hint of nashi pear. The palate has substantial characters of pear and citrus, complemented by more subtle savoury, herbal notes. There is some nice texture and crisp, zippy acidity making it a pleasant drink with or without food.    

Final Say: Let this vinous Doctor revive you as summer approaches. $18 a bottle.

Score: 17.5 out of 20

For any questions or feedback feel free to email me on spittingoptional@gmail.com

Jack Davis

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