Amherst Daisy Creek Shiraz Cabernet 2012 Review

Posted: September 25, 2013 in Australia
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Amherst Daisy Creek Shiraz Cabernet

Vintage: 2013

Style: Mid-full bodied red

Country: Australia 

Region: Pyrenees, Victoria

Overview: The blending of Shiraz and Cabernet is a quintessential Australian concept. Most commonly this blend comes from the warmer climes of Australia but this Pyrenees example oozes elegance. The Pyrenees region in Victoria is classified as cool-climate and is renowned for its spicy Shiraz and lean Cabernet. This wine is 65% Shiraz and 35% Cabernet but in stating this it’s the Cabernet characters that jump out of the glass. It’s a wine worthy of terms such wine wankery terms as; silky, sexy, suave and sophisticated. Not only this but it is also bestowed the title ‘Bargain!’

Tasting note: Attractive, vibrant fruit on the nose, plum, blackberry and raspberry with undertones of crushed herbs and cedar from well integrated oak. The palate shows characters of blood plums, cassis and blackberry with white pepper, subtle briny, black olive and chalky tannins. It finishes a touch short but great for the price.      

Final Say: Grab it for $16, can’t go wrong.

Score: 16 out of 20

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Jack Davis

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