Castro Martin A2O Albariño 2011 Review

Posted: October 9, 2013 in Spain
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Castro Martin A2O Albariño 2011A20

Vintage: 2011

Style: Dry white

Country: Spain

Region: Rias Baixas


Overview: Albariño, the variety no one knows but everyone should. Even when buying this bottle of wine the shop keep gave the underhanded remark, ‘A bit of Albariño action, hey?’ suggesting that drinking Albariño is some bizarre fetish. Perhaps here in Australia we have chosen to forget about Albariño’s existence after the whole Savagnin fiasco (Don’t talk about the war).  Without going into too much detail some growers in Australia were sold ‘Albariño’ cuttings which turned out to be the obscure French variety Savagnin.

Albariño originates from Portugal where is it called Alvarinho and is widely grown in Galicia, Spain which is where this wine is from. It is a fresh, vibrant variety which is a perfect match to seafood and sometimes likened to Viogner because of its stone fruit charecters.


Tasting note: Elegant and austere on the nose, stony with undertones of talc, jasmine and a touch of oiliness. Fresh lemon pith and lime on the palate, pure fruit with a lick of stone fruit richness. The elegance of the nose is rediscovered on the palate with sandalwood like perfume, white flowers and enduring acidity.


Final Say: This wine displays the very best of what Albariño has to offer. $35 a bottle.


Score: 18 out of 20

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  1. idrinkforaliving says:

    I love the Rias Baixas region! This wine sounds awesome!

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