Bird in Hand Pinot Rosé 2013 Review

Posted: October 30, 2013 in Australia
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Bird in Hand Pinot Rosé 2013

Vintage: 2013

Style: Dry Rosé

Country: Australia

Region: Adelaide Hills


Overview: I think for many male wine drinkers there is nothing more emasculating then buying rosé. They inconspicuously grab the pink bottle from the fridge and dash to the counter so the sales staff can stuff it into a brown paper bag before anyone else in the store can see what they have purchased. Sorry to stereotype but I’m trying to justify why rosé is such a small volume of wine sales. It’s like wearing pink, you might want to wear it but you fear ridicule and when you get that look from other men, that look that poses the question ‘what the #$%^ are you wearing that for’ you say something like; ‘My wife bought it for me.’ I’m down with pink, in wine form and clothing. Rosé is a much underrate style of wine and I think it’s probably because serious wine drinkers believe it’s going to be sweet and sweet drinkers have been stung by dry styles. There’s no doubt that when buying rosé you need to go with what you know. The Bird in Hand Rosé has been my go-to rosé for some time now.


Tasting note: Lighter in colour than rosé made from Grenache or Shiraz. The nose is restrained with subtle herbaceous notes and raspberry. These notes are also found on the palate and are complimented by strawberries and cream. It finishes dry and fresh as a daisy.

Final Say: Grow a pair and buy Rosé with pride. $22 a bottle.


Score: 16.5 out of 20

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