Taylors Estate Riesling 2012 Review

Posted: November 20, 2013 in Australia
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Spitting: OptionalTaylors Riesling

Taylors Estate Riesling 2012

Style: Dry White

Country: Australia

Region: Clare Valley

Overview: Phenolics are a chemical compound found in the skin, pulp and seeds of grape; while sometimes desirable they are generally best avoided in most white wines. Phenolics can be astringent and bitter and what we wine wankers refer to hard or coarse. Basically it is an aggressive mouth feel that can detract from the wine. Phenolics find their way into the wine via contact with the parts of the grape that contain this compound, thus Phenolics are more present in red wines (tannin). This wine would be displaying phenolic grip due to being pressed under pressure to extract juice which also extracts the phenolic compounds. Free run juice, the juice that runs off the grapes when placed in a press and crushed under their own weight, has the least phenolic content because it has had little contact with the pulp. I’m guessing that the free run juice has gone to one of Taylors more premium Rieslings and the pressings has made this wine (pure conjecture, I could be wrong).


Tasting note: A citrus wonderland on the nose and palate, tart lemon and the more floral scents of orange blossom. On the palate a touch of lime shines through with delicate talc and jasmine. It has a nice acidity with some straw. This wine is trying to achieve greatness but doesn’t quite get there due to some hard phenolics. This hardness, bitterness on the palate due to the phenolics is less obvious when consumed with food.

Final Say: A decent commercial style Riesling. Ranges from $15-$20 a bottle.


Score: 15.5 out of 20

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