Fraser Gallop Estate Chardonnay 2012 Review

Posted: December 18, 2013 in Australia
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Spitting: OptionalFraser Gallop

Fraser Gallop Estate Chardonnay 2012

Style: Dry white

Country: Australia

Region: Margaret River


Overview: Stylistically this wine can be likened to ‘Chablis’. Chablis being the French region that produces predominately Chardonnay. There is a misconception that Chablis is made without contact with oak. In fact Chablis can be stored in oak, however it traditionally must be stored in Feuillette barrels which are larger, older and do not impart strong oak characters. In recent years winemakers in Chablis have been using smaller oak barrels but are still trying to keep ‘new oak’ characters to a minimum, in some circles this is shunned upon as it distorts the perception of the Chablis style. This perception is so strong that I once told someone, who was praising Chablis for not ever using oak, that they actually do use oak and his face crumbled, as if I had told him that his entire life was a lie.

This wine has spent minimal time in older oak barrels so the oak characteristics are subtle, thus earmarking it as a Chablis style.


Tasting note: A pristine nose with grapefruit, subtle, toasty oak and salty undertones. The palate is lean and elegant with well integrated oak complimenting the lime and grapefruit characters. A lengthy finish with a lovely minerality.

Final Say: A subtle, classy Chardonnay at a fantastic price. $20


Score: 18 out of 20

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