Bascand Estate Riesling 2012 Review

Posted: May 13, 2014 in New Zealand
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Bascand Estate Riesling 2012 Bascand

Style: Just off-dry white.

Region: Waipara, New Zealand

Overview: I really wanted to write about a red this week but sometimes in a line up you taste a wine that makes you say: ‘Holy S#@%, what’s going on there?’ Stupidly I thought I had this wine pinned on the nose alone: I thought it to be a floral, delicate Riesling that might be a touch broad but Oh My God, the palate is almost a sensory overload. Packed with flavour, a touch of sweetness but savoury at the same time. This is a style of Riesling which is not only underrated but one of my favourites. It’s drier than a Kabinett style Riesling with just enough residual sugar to add balance and complexity. Yes, I know the super dry, sweat inducing Rieslings are much more widely drunk and celebrated but this style of Riesling makes for a much better food wine.

Tasting note: A floral, pretty nose of jasmine. The palate is a good hard whack of citrus, lime and mandarin with some peach skin and savoury notes. The touch of sweetness adds another layer of interest and is balanced by subtle acidity.

Final Say: The perfect food wine!! $19.99 a bottle.

Score: 18 out of 20

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