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hither-yon-aglianicoHither & Yon Aglianico 2012

Style: Medium-bodied red

Country: Australia

Region: McLaren Vale


Tasting note: This lesser known variety is typically grown in Southern Italy (Campania) where it makes a rich, velvety style red. This Aussie crack at the variety is a touch leaner than the better Italian examples but has those typical blueberry and white pepper notes on the nose with hints of cedar. Plum and savoury spice on the palate and finishes with grainy tannins.


Final Say: Can’t wait to see what Hither & Yon do with this variety in the future. $30 a bottle

Score: 15.5 out of 20

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Tulloch ‘Private Bin Pokolbin Dry Red’ Shiraz 2013pokolbin-dry-red-shiraz pb

Style: Medium bodied red

Region: Hunter Valley, NSW

Tasting note: It’s not just the packaging of this wine that shouts retro Hunter Valley but its contents also display all those Hunter Valley Shiraz hallmarks. Great colour for a wine that has been harvested earlier than your typical 14-15 beaumé (which roughly ferments to 14% alcohol). Coconut oak notes on the nose with hints of leather. Dark fruit characters of blackberry with gentle tones of raspberry and dusty spice. Again, great fruit definition for a bonier style with enduring acidity and well integrated oak.

Final Say: ‘Don’t you, forget about me’- Hunter Valley Shiraz. $50 a bottle

Score: 18.5

Tulloch ‘Pokolbin Dry Red’ Shiraz 2013pokolbin-dry-red-shiraz

Style: Medium bodied red

Region: Hunter Valley, NSW

Tasting note: A juicy, boisterous nose of red fruits which defies the lower alcohol level of this wine (12.3%). An elegant and dusty palate featuring characters of raspberry and white pepper. Good fruit definition for a leaner style.

Final Say: It’s a far more elegant, restrained style of Aussie Shiraz. $25 a bottle.

Score: 16.5

Tulloch ‘Hunter River White’ Semillon 2014Tull Sem

Style: Dry White

Region: Hunter Valley, NSW

Tasting note: Restrained nose with gentle citrus notes. Elegant palate with nice, pure lime, some straw and persistent acidity. Desert dry, squeaky clean and fresh. Text book Semillon, just needs some time in the cellar.

Final Say: Throw it in a dark cupboard for 5-10 years. $25 a bottle.

Score: 18.5

Tulloch ‘JYT Selection’ Shiraz 2013limited-release-jyt-selectio

Style: Full-Medium bodied red

Region: Orange, NSW

Tasting Note: Whilst produced by an iconic Hunter Valley winery this wine hails from the super trendy region of Orange. More dense and full-bodied than the Hunter Shiraz’. Dark fruits, plum and blackberry with sweet spice and chewy tannins.

Final Say: Big and ballsy yet elegant. $40 a bottle.

Score: 17.5

Tulloch Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2014sem-sav Tull

Style: Dry White

Region: Hunter Valley, NSW

Tasting note: All you could ask for from this blend on the nose, snow pea, citrus and cut grass. Nice lime and rich lemon, great acidity and good balance between phenolics (grassiness) and tropical fruit. Very enjoyable.

Final Say: A fantastic wine for the upcoming festive season. $16 a bottle

Score: 17.5