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Kiss Chasey Premium White 2012 KCPW

Style: Dry white

Region: Western Australia

Tasting note: The nose and palate both display subtle citrus and fennel with some notes of jasmine. It’s a ‘dry white’ style; it doesn’t overpromise but nor does it under deliver. It’s simply a nice quaffing wine.

Final Say: An unassuming wine for drinking not thinking. $12.99

Score: 15.5 out of 20

Soul Growers Equilibrium Shiraz Grenache Mourvèdre 2011SGE

Style: Mid-full bodied red

Region: Barossa Valley, SA

Tasting note: A big whack of cedar oak on the nose with notes of sweet cherry. The palate is typical Barossan fare: plum, blackberry, liquorice and some black pepper all held together with lashings of oak.

Final Say: Barrosa’s slant on the Rhône Valley, from a tough year but still full of flavour. $19.99 a bottle.

Score: 16.5 out of 20

Driftwood Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon 2010DWCS

Style: Mid-full bodied red

Region: Margaret River, WA

Tasting note: A hint of spicy development and typical tones of plum and blackberry. Grainy tannins with some underlying tones of liquorice.

Final Say: Bypass the cellar and drink now. $14.99 a bottle.

Score: 16 out of 20

Tyrrell’s Rufus Stone Cabernet Sauvignon Malbec 2012tyrrellsWines_RufusStone_CabernetSauvignonMalbec

Style: Full-bodied red

Region: McLaren Vale, SA

Tasting note: A brooding wine with a great depth of colour. The nose needs to hang in the glass for a while to pick up the tones of plum and prunes. The palate consists of plum, blackberry and cassis. Typical of these two varieties, the palate has nice texture and finishes with grainy tannins.

Final Say: A classic wine from Tyrrell’s, certainly one that will benefit from laying down for a couple of years. $19.99 a bottle.

Score: 18 out of 20

Spitting: OptionalWoods Crampton 2013 Shiraz

Woods Crampton Shiraz 2013

Style: Full-bodied red

Country: Australia

Region: Barossa Valley

Tasting note: Deep, dark and inky in colour, the kind of wine that stains your shirt just by looking at it. Nice cedar-oak tones on the nose with lifted plums and blackberry. A dense powerful palate consisting of blackberry jam and blood-plums. Typical Barossan intensity, weight and cellaring potential.

Final Say: Love ‘em big and bold? Grab on to this one. $16-20 a bottle.

Score: 18.5 out of 20

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Four in Hand Shiraz 2012FIH

Style: Medium-bodied Red

Region: Barossa Valley, SA

Tasting note: Quite delicate for a Barossa Shiraz, it is earthy on the nose and palate with some plum notes, white pepper and spice from the oak contact. Grainy tannins add a nice texture. It is a nicely layered wine with elegance and finesse.

Final Say: A wine that could easily be lost in a line-up of ‘boofhead’ Shiraz but one that deserves attention. $19.99

Score: 18 out of 20

Gapsted Shiraz 2010Gapsted

Style: Medium-bodied Red

Region: Clare Valley, SA & King Valley, VIC

Tasting note: Interesting region blending here results in a perfumed nose and a palate of plum, blackberry and savoury spice. It is quite a lean wine.

Final Say: Make ‘em lean, keep ‘em keen? $14.99 a bottle.

Score: 15.5 out of 20

Penna Lane Shiraz 2010

Style: Full-bodied Red

Region: Clare Valley, SA

Tasting note: With coconut oak on the nose there was no surprise when these bold oak characters revealed themselves on the palate, along with underlying tones of plum and chocolate and a nice, velvety mouthfeel.

Final Say: Cape-wearing oak. $18.99 a bottle.

Score: 16 out of 20

Borambola Hiraji’s Spell Shiraz 2011Borambola

Style: Medium bodied red.

Region: Gundagai, NSW

Tasting note: A dusty, spicy seductress with bacon hints on the nose, and white pepper with delicate tones of blueberry and beetroot. It is lean where it needs to be and rich where it should be.

Final Say: Trade in the spice rack… $23.99 a bottle.

Score: 17.5 out of 20

Yarran Wines Leopardwood Shiraz 2012Leopardwood_Heathcote_Shiraz_2012a

Style: Mid-to-full-bodied Red

Region: Heathcote

Tasting note: A dusty, sneeze-inducing nose with elements of rich plum. The palate is full and rich with flavours of plum and blackberry, finishes dense with some ham bone notes.

Final Say: Full and rich, with typical Heathcote goodness. $16.99 a bottle.

Score: 17.5 out of 20