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Bunnamagoo Estate Chardonnay 2012Bunn

Style: Dry oaked white

Region: Mudgee, NSW

Overview: The oak is as much the hero as the grape here. Oak should always be a partner, not the protagonist, adding depth and rounding out an interesting yet flawed character. On their own, they are not the same, lost waifs floating about unanchored in the world. Chardonnay is Dean Morarity and oak is Sal Paradise. Whilst Sal is telling the story Dean is that larger than life character that steals the show, yet it is because Sal so aptly and beautifully describes Dean and his antics that we are so enraptured by him (See On the Road if you have no idea WTF I’m talking about).

Tasting Note: Initial sniffing reveals vanillin oak with underlying tones of flint and stone fruit. Toasty brioche upon tasting, honeydew melon, citrus and the stone fruit that reveals itself to be nectarine. Nice acidity and well integrated oak.

Final Say: Gives the Hunter Valley a run for its money. $18.99 a bottle.

Score: 16.5 out of 20