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Spitting: Optional

Crittenden Estate Los Hermanos Saludo al Txakoli 2012

 Vintage: 2012

Style: Spritzy white  

Country: Australia

Region: King Valley, VIC


Overview Crittenden Estate Los Hermanos Saludo al Txakoli, just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it? It I had the patience and could be bothered doing so then I would spell it out for you phonetically. All you need to know is it is an Aussie wine that pays homage from a wine that originates in Basque, Spain. Txakoli (Chah-ko-lee) is a light, spritzy wine that is lower in alcohol and higher in acid. It’s best drunk 1 year after bottling. This is the first, commercially available Australian version of this style and pack loads of charm. Definitely a great match for cloud watching and hating on Moscato drinkers.


Tasting note: Nectarine and talc on the nose with just a touch of white flower aromatics. Slight spritz and characters of straw and stone fruit. The finish is dry, clean and a touch flinty.


Final Say: $20-$25 a bottle, chances are you’ve never had anything like this out of Australia.


Score: 16 out of 20

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