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d’Arenberg ‘Derelict Vineyard’ Grenache 2009


Vintage: 2009


Style: Mid to full bodied red


Country: Australia


Region: McLaren Vale, SA




Overview: I must say that the name of this wine does nothing to help its appeal. When reading ‘Derelict vineyard’ I conjure up images of old, rusting cars with weeds growing through shattered headlights and windscreens, between which are the old, gnarled Grenache vines and a homeless man who wants to sell you his prophetic dreams. But can you expect anything different from the eccentric d’Arenberg stable? I think not. After all their tag line is ‘The Art of Being Different’.


Luckily the wine in the glass does not share this ramshackle vision that the name suggests. It displays all that youthful, vibrancy of Grenache with great spice and complexity which will aid it in aging.




Tasting note: Strawberry, sour cherry and crushed rosemary on the nose. A full-on whack of upfront fruit, strawberry and cherry, initially but mellows out with more complex characters of savoury spice and pepper. It displays a great acidity and finishes with grippy tannins.




Final Say: It’s hard to go wrong with a McLaren Vale Grenache. It matches perfectly with slow cooked lamb and sells for around $25 a bottle.




Score: 17.5 out of 20


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