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Cosmo Pinot Noir 2010

By Spitting: Optional

Variety: Pinot Noir

Region: Gippsland Lakes, Victoria, Australia

Overview: I have found that Pinot Noir is one of those varieties that people either love or hate. I’m a self confessed Pinophile, I love the grape but I do understand why people struggle with it and I think I know why- Pinot Noir’s nose and palate is often described with words like gamey, forest floor and barnyard. To someone who isn’t used to the flavours of Pinot Noir this sounds like the scent of an above ground grave in a forest right? So I wanted to find a Pinot Noir which does not display these characters so people who haven’t been able to get their heads around Pinot Noir.

Its strange, we have a very grumpy, naughty rabbit named Freddie Mercury that lives with us, he smells of game, barnyard and forest floor (due to the straw in his lavish cage) but I have no desire to sit down and sniff at him like I can a good Pinot Noir. The Cosmo Pinot Noir, I must resist the urge to call it Cosmo Kramer Pinot Noir, shows the fruit characters of Pinot Noir and leaves out the strange stuff.

Tasting Note: Vibrant ruby in colour. A nose of maraschino cherries and strawberry, these flavours continue onto the palate and are joined by characters of pepper and menthol and a cleansing acid. It is lighter in body and matches perfectly with lighter red meats and pork. It sells for between $15 and $20.

Final Say: This is a great Pinot Noir to help you appreciate the variety and if you’re a Pinophile like me it’s refreshing to find a great Pinot at a reasonable price.


Score: 16.5 Give it a try, it’s a great drop (83 out of 100).

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Jack Davis

Spitting: Optional