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Spitting: Optional

Louis Roederer Brut NV

Vintage: NV

Style: Sparkling

Country: France

Region: Champagne


Overview: Special occasions urge us to reach for Champagne. New Year’s Eve, Christmas, birthdays, stubbing your toe and successfully completing a working day without sneezing can all be seen as good reason to pop a cork… I wish.

It may be because we save this sacred drink for special occasions that makes it so damn good but if you are a wine nerd like me it’s also the work that goes into these wines that makes them so exceptional. Blending, riddling, disgorging, dosage and secondary fermentation, all terms that may not mean much to most people but they are all related to how Champagne is made.

Because I save Champagne for celebrations, and true celebrations are few and far between, I always find that I have my ‘go-to’ Champagne and rarely deviate from this, so for this review I’ve chosen something that I haven’t tried in a few years.


Tasting note: A delicate, elegant nose comprised of toasty aromas, peach, melon and a touch of yeast. A fresh, clean palate with a fine, gentle bead. Flavours of honeysuckle, melon and citrus with a slight bready undertone.


Final Say: Get some fizz in ya! Reasonably priced at around $70 a bottle.


Score: 18.5 out of 20 (93 out of 100)


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