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Rosenthal The Naomi Cabernet Shiraz 2012Rosenthal

Style: Full-bodied red

Region: Western Australia

Overview: If the blending of Cabernet and Shiraz was a person, he’d wear board shorts and thongs; he’d be weather beaten yet never beaten, a battler. He’d have a dry, laconic sense of humour and be generous. And when asked how he was he’d say ‘Not bad, mate. How’s yourself’.  He’d be an Aussie, through and through. Cabernet Shiraz blends excite me because no wine is more quintessentially Australian. Outside of Australia it’s rare to find a blend such as this but the two varieties complement each other so well. We’re a race of clever pioneers, you know.  The only thing that disappoints me about this style of wine is that it is not seen more often.

This wine is 68% Cabernet Sauvignon and 32% Shiraz and 100% everything I love about this blend.

Tasting note: An intense and generous nose, notes of cassis, plum and blackberry, which are also found on the palate, complemented by the more complex characters of Cabernet Sauvignon: raspberry and kalamata olives. The tannins are chalky and cling to the palate granting this wine fantastic length.          

Final Say: This bloody, flaming, cracker of a wine will benefit from careful cellaring. $22.99 a bottle.

Score: 18 out of 20