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Vinaceous ‘Divine Light’ Verdelho 2011

Vintage: 2011

Style: Un-oaked white

Country: Australia

Region: Margaret River, W.A


Overview: The packaging of this wine may be, let us say, garish (something that perhaps belongs on the hood of a car as a decal) and not to everyone’s taste but the wine in the bottle speaks for itself. As I’ve mentioned previously ‘V’ varieties can get a bit of a rough time in Australia, Verdelho being one of these. It is a Portuguese variety that can be quite rich but balanced by acid and citrus. The difference that Verdelho has to other ‘V’ varieties is that it was once popular in Australia. At the height of its popularity wines like the Moondah Brook Verdelho and Tullock Verdelho were jumping off the shelf.

What surprised me about this wine was its elegance and restraint, at odds with the labeling, which will make it a great food wine. ‘Divine Light’ may just be what Verdelho needs to this underrated variety.


Tasting note: A nose of green apple and straw. The green apple joins the palate, zesty with added characters of citrus and pineapple. There is a touch of creaminess there but is well balanced by fresh acidity


Final Say: Don’t let the label scare you, pick it up for around $20 a bottle (I have seen it cheaper, $10 a bottle through certain websites) and give it a try.


Score: 16.5 out of 20

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